Dawang Fans new intelligent IOT ultra-large energy-saving fans

Safe, efficient, and energy-saving, providing a better experience for your business.

With our industrial energy-saving large fans, make the air quality of your space better at ultra-low cost. With W.FANS and D.FANS energy-saving ceiling fans, Energy-saving Pole fans and energy-saving Mobile fans, Dawang Fans can ventilate anywhere & create better air quality.

HVLS Fan For Industrial

With Dawang's reliable airflow solutions, your manufacturing workshop, warehouse or distribution facilities can be operated more safely, more efficiently and more comfortably. Learn more about how to help to reduce energy costs and keep workers safe, productive and comfortable.


HVLS Fans For Commerical

Our solution for commercial is energy-saving upgrades for areas such as sports arena, gym, waiting room or convention center. With safe & efficient HVLS fans and integrated control systems, Dawang can make your commercial spaces safer and more comfortable.


Dawang's Permanent Magnet Energy-saving Motor

PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor).

Safety Structure Patent

Fan structure and operation display (W.FANS)


"To be honest, I have encountered a situation where a large industrial fan fell down, and I have always worried about it. It's not until I meet Dawang Fans, they offered an unprecedented safety commitments that others never promise , and till then did I restart the use of industrial large fans.”

Jim Smith



"Dawang Fans helped us reduce the cost of ventilation and cooling greatly. From the perspective of procurement, actual use and later maintenance, Dawang Fan's HVLS energy-saving large fans had reduced the overall cost by more than 80% compared with traditional ventilation equipment."

Marcus Tan


What Our Customers Say About Dawang Fans

Dawang Fans help us cut down on our air conditioning load and our utility bill. We cut 15 percent off our bill at a time when everybody else is seeing a 20 percent increase.”

Dave Leon


Why choose Dawang Fan?

Since 2013, Dawang has set up a project to independently develop industrial fans and successfully applied for an exclusive mortise and tenon structure patent, effectively solving the safety hazards caused by metal fatigue after long-term use of fasteners. At the same time, through technology-improving and material-upgrading to improve efficiency and meet the needs of users for ventilation and cooling, it can achieve more energy saving and environmental protection compared with peers.

Safe · Efficient · Energy-Saving

Dawang Fans created the era of HVLS Fans with five blades. Arrangement of odd-numbered blades in an asymmetric shape can effectively reduce noise and self-jitter, and avoid metal fatigue caused by long-term resonance of even-numbered blades. Odd-numbered blades are also easy to correct the center of rotation and are not prone to blade breakage. At the same time, the aerodynamic efficiency of the fans is higher, no turbulent flow is generated, and the air supply performace is better.

Customer-oriented, strengthen QC management

Dawang's Industrial Large Fans have been proven that they can improve indoor air quality significantly based on the the cooperation of 5000+ companies around the world. That means more productive workforce, happier customers and lower energy bills. Not only that, but our products have the durability to stand the test of time which will make them beautiful fixtures for businesses for decades to come. We promise that your investments in air quality will last to the future because we demand the best from our manufacturing processes, parts, suppliers and employees.

DAWANGBOX integrated control system

Dawang Ventilation took the lead in developing integrated control system to help customers simplify the operation and management of equipment. A single terminal can manage and control up to 48 HVLS energy-saving fans. Support remote control of mobile APP, and check the operation status of the equipment online any time.

Whether you have an industrial complex, livestock farms, or commerical applications, Dawang HVLS Industrial Fans will provide the most professional customized solutions.

Please contact us by email at sales@dawangfanschina.com, or request a quote to learn more about the most efficient comfort solutions for you. Or Now!

Jiangsu Dawang Ventilation Machinery Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred as "Dawangfan")

Dawangfan is a manufacturer of HVLS new intelligent IoT large energy-saving fans, it's committed to provide customized solutions for ventilation, cooling, dehumidification, and dust removal for large spaces for global users!
Adhering to the development concept of "customer demand-oriented, safety guarantee as the core, and artificial intelligence as the goal", Dawang Fans insists on making reliable products, providing high-quality services, and striving to become an international excellent brand that solves the problem of improving the environment for tall spaces!

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