W.Fans Series Fan Features

dynamic system
PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motor

  • Stronger: an astonishing torque of 260N. m, with stronger driving force and smoother torque;
  • More efficient: Unique outer rotor with high torque design, higher control accuracy;
  • More energy-saving: save energy by 30%, meet the E4 high-efficiency energy-saving standard, and meet the new national energy efficiency standard of GB30253-2013
  • Lifetime maintenance free: completely sealed, no need to replace lubricating oil, oil seals, and other accessories, saving a large amount of maintenance costs in the later stage;
  • More muted: 38db ultra low volume, with only the sound of wind in the ear;
  • Low temperature rise: Motor temperature rise below 35 ° C, longer lifespan!

Control system:
Variable frequency control

  • Easy to debug built-in application macros, no need for self-learning
  • Excellent performance, perfectly matching the operating parameters of the load motor
  • Low noise operation, optimized algorithm control for smooth start-up
  • Safe and reliable, with built-in multiple protection programs to enhance product life

Structural join:
Patent Structure Design for Key Parts of Rod and Mouth Connection
Ensure the overall safety of the fan

  • Connection between blade and petiole

    The blade handle is made of 6061T6 aviation grade aluminum alloy, which is precision processed by 4-axis CNC and wrapped with PU polyurethane (with high resilience, shock absorption, wear resistance, oil resistance, tear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and radiation resistance). It is closely matched with the blade buffer chamber to efficiently release the vibration and stress generated by blade rotation, eliminate resonance, reduce motor load, and extend service life.
  • Connection between petiole and wheel hub

    By interlocking the blade handle with the wheel hub/motor through a stepped concave convex cross-section, the overall structure is used to withstand the centrifugal force during fan operation, and all fasteners are not subjected to force.
  • Connection between motor and flange plate

    Safety ring: Connect 5 blade handles with the upper cover of the motor, and use a structural interlocking method to achieve overall structural stress; Anti drop plate: The "concave" section of the flange plate and the "convex" section of the anti drop ring bite and hook each other under the action of gravity, ensuring the reliable connection between the motor flange plate and the motor.

10+ security guarantees

Real time monitoring and proactive maintenance

The Dawang Intelligent Remote Control System monitors equipment operating parameters, motor temperature rise, and equipment levelness in real-time.

Wire rope winding protection

The installation plate and beam are wrapped with 1000KG tensile strength steel wire rope to ensure that the overall structure of the fan is not loose or falling.

Damping and buffering device

The blade handle and blades are non rigid connected using a vibration damping device, with a unique vibration isolation rubber pad that absorbs most of the vibration generated by the blades during fan operation.

Safety ring

Connect the 5 leaf stems with the motor cover to ensure that the leaf stems do not separate and fall.

High strength riveting of blades

Each blade is riveted together with 16 high-strength rivets and the buffer chamber from top to bottom, forming an independent surface for stress. Each rivet is designed to carry a shear capacity of 1.5 tons.

Mortise and tenon style blade handle connection

Mortise and tenon connection: The "concave" section of the blade handle forms a joint with the "convex" section of the buffer, eliminating the centrifugal force outward from the blade during fan operation and the shear force during fan start and stop.

Steel wire rope balance protection

The four steel wire ropes utilize the principle of balance and are pulled and fixed by the building to ensure that the fan machine is not swayed or fallen due to external forces and airflow.

Abnormal alarm system

The variable frequency control system comes with overvoltage, overload, and short circuit accident protection, and automatically alarms and stops the fan operation when encountering abnormalities.

High tensile strength blade handle material

6061-T6 petiole, high strength, high hardness, can reach HB90 degrees or above, has good corrosion resistance, and can withstand a tensile strength of 205MPa.

Anti falling disc

The "concave" section of the flange and the "convex" section of the anti fall ring bite and hook each other under the action of gravity, ensuring the reliable connection between the motor flange and the motor.

Streamline variable cross-section blade design

By applying aerodynamic and other chord length theories, combined with the principle of relative linear velocity, the blade gradually narrows and thins from root to tip, with more balanced force, more uniform air supply, and no voids in the center.

Material of aviation grade anti-collision blades

1.5MM thick 5052 aviation aluminum plate can withstand a tensile force of more than 3 tons, with ultra-high material toughness, ensuring that the blades can quickly transform and effectively absorb external forces when impacted, preventing blade fracture while greatly avoiding damage to the motor and other structural components.
Product Series W.Fans Series
Model W26 W24 W22 W20 W18 W16 W14 W12 WS10
Specification/ Diameter(m) 8 7.3 6.7 6.1 5.5 4.9 4.2 3.6 3.1
Speed (rpm) 10-45 10-55 10-60 10-60 10-70 10-75 10-80 10-90 10-100
Full-load air volume(m³/min) 17676 16130 14804 13800 12152 10826 9280 7954 6849
Coverage area(m²) 2462 2123 1809 1520 1256 1017 804 615 452
Rated power rate(kw) 1.5 1.1 0.75 0.4
Average consumption(kwh) ≤1.2 ≤1.0 ≤0.7 ≤0.4
Noise(dB) ≤38
Power supply (V) 380V/220S
Full-load current(A) 2.8(380V)/4.6(220V) 2.6(380V)/3.0(220V) 2.5 2.0
Weight(kg) 108 92 90 73 63 60 47 42 39

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