DW.Fans Series Fan Function

  • Intelligent atomization cooling system with timed and quantitative cooling and humidification.
  • Intelligent epidemic prevention disinfection and sterilization system timing, quantitative and all-round disinfection and sterilization.
  • Multimedia video, audio/advertising are connected to multimedia ultra high definition display screens (LCD/LED), which can scroll and push text, images, videos, audio, and interactive functions.
  • 5G micro base stations (telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom) can enjoy WIF anytime, anywhere, and access real-time internet access to obtain traffic, push advertisements, and expand marketing.
  • Intelligent security monitoring enables real-time preview, playback, storage, and alarm. Video can be expanded to include facial recognition, license plate recognition, and other related functions.
  • The intelligent environmental monitoring system monitors on-site temperature and PM2.5 data in real-time based on climate and environment through multimedia scrolling display.
  • Mini station, leisure card holder, mobile power supply, mobile phone fast charging.
  • Intelligent remote app control.
  • Intelligent and convenient, real-time monitoring, and proactive maintenance
Product Series DW.Fans Series
Model DW18  DW16
Specification/ Diameter(m) 5.5  4.9
Speed (rpm) 0-70  0-75
Full-load air volume(m³/min) 7836  6220
Coverage area(m²) 1256  1017
Average consumption(kwh) ≤0.8
Rated power rate(kw) 1.1
Noise(dB) ≤38
Full-load current(A) 5.2
Power supply (V) 380V/220S
Weight(kg) 63  60

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