Safety Fan Blades - Airflow Core Components

core technology

A. Blade design - streamline variable cross-section

Through aerodynamic simulation analysis, applying equal chord length theory, combined with the principle of relative linear velocity, a streamline variable cross-section fan blade was developed and designed, which gradually narrowed and thinned from blade root to tip, with more balanced force, more uniform air supply, and no cavity in the center.

B. Blade material selection - aviation grade industrial alloy plate

Adopting 5052H32 high grade 1.5mm aviation grade aluminum alloy motherboard, precision CNC forming, higher strength and flexibility, ensuring no fracture. Lighter and safer in weight. Each blade only weighs 6.7 kilograms (7.3 meters in diameter, excluding buffer parts), with a small number of blades and light weight, reducing motor load, extending service life, and ensuring safety and energy conservation.

C. Blade connection - multi point riveting process

16 high-strength steel core rivets are separated and riveted up and down (a single rivet can withstand 1500kg tension), forming independent surfaces on the upper and lower layers of the blades to withstand the strong centrifugal force when the fan is running at full speed.

Patented buffer structure - efficient fan components

core technology

A. The overall PU polyurethane coating of the blade handle

With high-precision coordination with the blade buffer chamber, it efficiently absorbs stress and airflow vibration from the blade, reduces motor load, and extends service life.

B. 1 ° Micro Upward

There is a precise angle limit in the buffer chamber, and the blade handle is connected to the buffer chamber to form a 1 ° micro upward movement, effectively eliminating the reverse force generated during the fan operation and forming a conical airflow, achieving no voids in the center and increasing coverage.

Patent Integrated Hub - Fan Safety Core

core technology

Patent integrated hub

By interlocking the upper and lower pressure plates with the concave and convex steps of the blade handle, the blade handle is integrated with the hub/motor, and the overall structure is used to withstand the centrifugal force during fan operation, without any stress on all fasteners.

Patent inner cone shaft sleeve

A patent inner cone kit is installed in the center of the hub, forming a structural self-locking with the output of the inner rotor motor, which naturally expands and tightens under the action of gravity, ensuring reliable connection between the overall hub and the motor.

Safety anti fall structure

Anti fall ring and inner rotor motor: connect 5 blade handles with the anti fall ring through bolts, and form a sleeve hanging with the chassis of the frame to prevent falling due to wheel hub detachment or shaft breakage;

Anti fall ring and outer rotor motor

The anti fall ring forms a collar with the motor flange, ensuring effective hooking in the event of motor shaft breakage and ensuring safe operation.

Application Scenario

workshop plant

Large span, high height, heat stroke, low attendance rate, low work efficiency, and high turnover rate caused by high temperature and stuffiness, exhaust dust, moisture and mold, and temperature stratification among employees.

Commercial premises

The space is relatively enclosed, and the indoor air is turbid. In summer, it is stuffy, and in the rainy season, it can cause heatstroke, slippery floors, high bacterial concentration, and high energy consumption of central air conditioning. It cannot solve problems such as air turbidity and temperature stratification.

Logistics and warehousing

Frequent movement of staff, indoor stuffiness, insufficient ventilation, heatstroke caused by high temperature and humidity, and deterioration of goods.

Animal husbandry

Semi open architecture, relatively dirty and messy. The environmental control of animal husbandry is related to the growth and development of livestock, the production of milk for disease and epidemic prevention, and the production of qualified milk.

Cooperative clients

Da Wang's Safety Commitment

In order to protect the interests of customers, Dawang Ventilation is the first in the industry to promise customers the commitment of safe use without preconditions and exceptions:

1. The unique blade design of Dawang Ventilation ensures that the fan does not break or fall after emergency stop or impact from external objects.
2. The patented connection method of Da Wang Ventilation ensures that the components of Da Wang Ventilation's large fan will not fall under any circumstances unless the building carrying the fan collapses.
3. Any non-standard start and stop operation will not cause the fall of large fan components of the ventilation system.

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