More convenient

No installation, plug and play. The four casters with side brakes can move freely, adapting to the constantly changing needs of personnel's workplaces.

More energy-efficient

Adopting PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motor, it saves energy by 30%, meets the IE4 high-efficiency and energy-saving standard, and meets the new national energy efficiency standard of GB30253-2013.

Lifetime maintenance free

Completely sealed, without the need to replace lubricating oil/oil seals and other accessories, saving a large amount of maintenance costs in the later stage.

More muted

Subwoofer volume, only the sound of the wind in my ear

Longer lifespan

The upper limit of motor temperature rise is 120 ° C, which will not demagnetize and has a longer lifespan! The working life of the drive control capacitor can reach 32000 hours!

More durable

Adopting golden hair reinforced PP material, precision CNC molding, higher strength and flexibility, ensuring no fracture.
Model DM48
Power supply (V) 220V/50Hz
Rated power (kw) 0.6
Full-load air volume(m³/h) 38000
Diameter 1.25m (48inch)
Speed (rpm/min) 440
Air supply distance(m) 35-40
Weight(kg) 60
Applicable area(m³) 400-500
Outside dimension 1510*790*1680mm

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