Elevator factory large industrial fans

Source:Jiangsu Dawang Ventilation Machinery Co.,LTD.  Release time:2023-04-18 09:57:12 Author:331

This elevator factory involves R&D, manufacture, sales, installation,maintenance and other services. The products include passenger elevators,villa elevators,sightseeing elevators,car elevators,miscellaneous,medical elevators,sidewalks etc

Due to heat and poor ventilation, sultry wooden roof,no ventilation vent and closed windows. the employees complicated with dizziness,irritability,anorexia or other symptoms.In order to solve this problem, the purchaser looks for ventilation and cooling equipment

After comparing variety of ventilation and cooling schemes, the purchaser chose Dawang large industrial fans.Our engineers arrive the install scenes on time,survey the site,make the detail ventilation and cooling solutions.
The large blades eliminate the heat, odor etc quickly after installation. Meanwhile, bring the fresh air into the workshop, make the employees to enjoy the natural breeze and comfort, improve the work efficiency.